Tero Isokauppila

Published on
March 9, 2021

Santa Claus Was a Shroom Dealer!

Tero Isokauppila is the founder of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, and is recognized as one of the world's greatest experts on how you can use shrooms to heal your body... and expand your mind in ways you never thought possible. In today’s episode, we're gonna dive deep into all of it (including the true story of how Santa Claus used to be a shroom dealer… and how mushrooms may just come from aliens themselves!). Plus, you’ll also discover: The 3 most powerful performance-boosting shrooms you can use to instantly elevate your daily routine (many of which are inherently designed to boost immunity, memory and even reduce stress) (14:43) The ‘one word’ copywriting lesson I stole from legendary marketer Dan Kennedy (a simple concept, but one that has proven to single-handledly ‘make or break’ your whole marketing message… so listen closely) (19:47) Was Santa Claus a mushroom dealer? Here’s the forgotten yet revealing story of how the whole concept of Christmas came to be (so tighten up those seat belts… because the truth may shock you) (30:55) The single biggest myth 9 out of 10 people hold about shrooms & their influence in your body (did you fall for this lie too? Find out here) (39:41)
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