Episode 05: Sebastian Terry

Published on
September 28, 2020

The Shocking Phone Call That Stirred Him To Jump Out of a Plane... Completely Naked.

The shocking phone call that stirred him to jump off a plane… completely naked! That's what happened to none other than Sebastian Terry. A man who set out to make his life the ultimate adventure by creating the world's wildest bucket list that you will not believe. In this episode, he shared uncensored stories of how he went about accomplishing some of the wildest, craziest (and most dangerous) things inside his 100-item list… such as marrying a stranger, and delivering a baby! Plus, you'll also discover… How one simple 'act of kindness' turned into an incredible movement that's inspiring hundreds of people just like you to live up to the truest, highest versions of themselves The #1 secret for living a much happier, fulfilling and exciting life (avoid this, and you'll probably regret your life at your deathbed) The story of how I faced my biggest fear in life The simple, mind-blowing exercise that allows you to gain crystal clarity on what you want out of life (and how to follow it to the tee to live up to the highest version of yourself) A ridiculously simple exercise Sebastian used to take immediate control of his life (if you're feeling lost, use this as your north star and you'll get your life back on track) "Are you on the right path?" Ask yourself this one simple question to find out The secret "theater trick" I learned on a fourth grade field trip that allows anyone to fake a slap so convincingly, that if you use it publicly people around will completely lose it A fun, yet effective way to get rid of all those annoying fillers that don't add any substance to your conversations (use this one little 'trick' and I guarantee you'll start communicating a lot more effectively) The biggest lesson Sebastian learned from all the wild, adrenaline-triggering experiences he's had so far (and mind you, I guarantee you won't believe many of them!) So tune in to this ‘can’t miss’ episode of The Greatest Stories Never Told Podcast with Sebastian Terry!
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