Roger Love

Published on
January 12, 2021

Your Voice is Your Instrument.

::: UPDATE ::: Roger has set aside $50 gift certificates for fans of The Greatest Stories Never Told. Use it to get Roger's best-selling online training for speaking, singing or both! Claim your certificate at Roger Love is the go-to vocal coach to some of today's biggest stars. He taught Bradley Cooper how to sing for his role at ‘A Star is Born’, and even helped Tony Robbins become a better speaker on stage. And today, you’re going to find out how you can enhance your voice in every conversation you have (whether it’s one on one, in a group setting, while putting out engaging content on social media that makes people fall in love with you - you name it!) after just a few quick changes. So get ready! Because this episode may very well change every conversation you have from this point forward. Here, you’ll also discover: How to steal Roger Love’s “One Octave Goog” exercise to instantly unlock the full, hidden power of your untapped voice (Tony Robbins himself has used this exercise before EVERY live performance for more than 30 years… and the best part? It only takes less than 5 minutes to rehearse!) (59:00) Do you struggle with stutters? Here’s why singing has proven to be the secret ‘infallible’ cure for lifelong stuttering (1:00:45) Do you enjoy a nice, tasty meal just before a big speaking event? If so, here’s what you should NEVER eat before you step on that stage… unless you’re looking to sign up for some serious voice handicaps (you’ll be amazed to find out just how common all these foods are… so listen closely!) (2:17) Is your voice secretly wounding your social interactions? (Few people hardly even notice this, but once they do… they can instantly fix this all-important issue and easily attain a voice that we’re all unconsciously wired to LOVE) Here’s how (1:10:27) Here’s Roger Love’s secret vocal exercise:
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