Niels Juul

Published on
January 5, 2021

The Truth about Von Dutch

Niels Juul is not only the producer behind the epic, award-winning crime film, The Irishman... but he also was a founding partner in the brand Von Dutch, which became an international sensation. Yet in this episode, we went deep into the dark side of mainstream Hollywood (stuff that the friendly advertisements wouldn’t even dare to talk about.) Things such as what goes along behind the scenes and even the counterfeiters! So get ready… because you’re about to gain access to the dark underbellies of a world where most people only see the surface. Here, you’ll discover: Struggling to sell more of your products and services? Here’s how you can steal the single most important marketing strategy Von Dutch exploited to turn this small clothing brand from LA into a multimillion dollar international sensation (hint: it requires absolutely $0 in marketing budget… just flat out savviness!) (13:23) The #1 lethal mistake Von Dutch made that triggered the hidden ‘business collapse’ ticking clock which led to their inevitable downfall (this preventable mistake cost them upwards to $100 Million in potential revenue… are you making the same mistake in your business? Find out here) (30:40) The ‘Fake Paparazzi’ technique one Von Dutch founding partner used to create instant buzz and hype surrounding ANY individual… no matter how seemingly ‘unknown’ they may be (this strategy alone single handedly made Paris Hilton who she is today!) (55:47)
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