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Top Internet Ghostwriter Reveals How To Rapidly Master Any Skill From The Ground Up

In today’s episode, I spoke with none other than Nicolas Cole. He started off his career at the young age of 14 as a professional gamer (reaching the highest ranks of the World of Warcraft battlefield, kicking everyone's ass in the process) to then drop it altogether to focus all his energies towards two main goals: becoming a champion bodybuilder and one of the top writers on the entire internet. And now, he's the #1 most read writer on Quora and even has one of the most popular blogs on Medium. Yet, what I love most about Cole is he has a system for writing that I have personally learned a lot from. So if you’re looking to learn how to create the type of messaging, writing and storytelling that literally demands your reader’s attention all the way to the end… then you will definitely not want to miss today’s episode. Here, you’ll discover: The 3-step ‘subconscious grandmaster’ blueprint Nicolas learned from playing in the World of Warcraft trenches to rapidly master ANY skill you desire from the ground-up (Nicolas personally used this proven framework to simply master gaming, bodybuilding and now writing… what will you use it for?) Find it here (15:26) The single biggest lesson Craig stole straight from legendary copywriter John Carlton to instantly supercharge your writing with potent persuasive power (35:50) Why aiming to get mentored by the cream of the crop in your field might be a foolish mistake (and what to do instead) (17:40) How to pull the ‘subconscious triggers’ inside your reader’s brain to smoothly sway them to buy your products and services (this technique is so effective… it allows you to turn on their internal buying switch without them even realizing it!) (1:00:43) PLUS --- 3 infallible storytelling techniques to write memorable pieces of content that not only stick and spread… but also hook your readers all the way to the end! (37:50)
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