Murray Hidary

Published on
December 22, 2020

You are not your mind.

Murray Hidary is as close to a renaissance man as you can get. He’s an award winning photographer, a composer who’s played in front of crowds in Central Park and the beaches of Malibu, and even a key contributor to the late 90’s .com Boom by taking his company public at the young age of 27! He’s simply done it all. And in today’s episode, we’ll dive deep into the exact lessons and life philosophies that have shaped Murray throughout his remarkable journey (and how you can apply them to your very own life.) You will not want to miss it. Murray puts on a private concert for us, no sheet music, just in the moment from his soul! Here, you’ll discover: The 3 books that threw Murray into the ‘spirituality rabbit hole’ and allowed him to tap into deeper states of pure consciousness at work (can they do the same for you? Find out here) (24:33) The single most effective way to shortcut your learning curve in ANY field ten times over (if you’re serious about reaching your full potential, listen closely) (1:09:53) Are you struggling to get rid of a bad habit? Here’s the #1 mental trick to instantly overthrow the hidden ‘elephant in the room’ that’s secretly stopping you from creating lasting change in your life! (1:42:00) Find Murray’s work at:
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