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Max Lugavere Reveals the Fake ‘Health Foods’ That Have Hijacked Our Daily Diet

In today’s episode, I spoke with New York Times bestselling health author Max Lugavere, with one goal in mind: Demystifying the fake ‘health foods’ that have permeated our American diet. Those foods which we’ve been lied to by the big, crooked food corporations (stuff that they’ve told us are completely healthy to consume… when in truth are the exact opposite!) So if you’re anything like the average person that first finds out about this information… then I believe you’ll be in for a huge surprise. Here, you’ll discover: The top 7 ‘fake health foods’ 9 out of 10 Americans would swear on their mom are completely healthy to consume on a daily (yet are scientifically proven to act as slow death sentences for their own body! Here’s why) (12:30) Thinking of going vegan? Here’s the single most important thing to consider BEFORE making this critical, all-important decision (07:14) PLUS --- The single most beneficial form of chocolate that’s actually proven to work wonders for your health (just follow this simple guideline and you’ll be able to spot it once you’re in the mood for your next ‘guilty pleasure’ session) (27:42) Order Max’s new book here:
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