Aaron Alexander

Published on
February 1, 2021

The Hidden Art of Acro Yoga To Instantly Improve Whole Body Wellness w/ Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander is not only the author of ‘The Align Method’, but he’s also a master at helping people become more aligned in their bodies and in their lives. And in today’s episode, we embarked on a fun acro journey, where Aaron set off to become a real-life human torture rack... for me! He twisted me up and down with his infamous inverted pole on my tender muscles and joints (in the hopes that eventually... it was going to make me feel better.) Did he succeed? Tune in to find out. Here, you’ll also discover: If your muscles are feeling stiff, here’s the single most powerful tool to instantly loosen up like the soft sail of a boat blowing in the wind (this system will have you stretching parts of your body you didn’t even know were there!) (1:56) Wearing heels is absolutely harmless, right? Wrong! Here’s why persistent use of heels has proven to be extremely harmful for your health (and oftentimes… even lead to schizophrenia!) (37:27) How to use the ‘quadrinity check-in’ exercise to rapidly boost your internal well-being (I do this every single morning after waking up… and you won’t imagine just how much of an impact it has made in the overall quality of my health!) (45:52) The single most effective technique to improve your posture in a matter of seconds! (1:01:56) Do you check your phone first thing in the morning? Here’s why this small, tiny habit might be secretly ruining your health (PLUS… how to employ the 7-day ‘technology detox’ game plan to rapidly regain control of whole body wellness) (12:58) See more of Aaron’s work at: @alignpodcast
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